A Hotel Industry First!Disaster Prevention Tablet Devices Installed.Here at Hotel, we have equipped our guest rooms with the disaster prevention tablet device "OMAMORI" (patent pending) as of 2016, in order to ensure a safe and relaxing stay for all our guests.Utilizing the state of the art technology of Audio Watermarking, emergency messages and instructions will immediately appear on the tablet screens in the event of an emergency hotel broadcast, ensuring the safety and evacuation of all guests including those with hearing disabilities.In case of emergency power cuts and/or internet and other networking problems due to server overload, this technology is made to function even under no-power, no-internet conditions. And in order to accommodate the increasing number of foreign guests, messages will appear with translations in English, Chinese and Korean, to ensure an enjoyable stay for all our guests including those with concerns regarding earthquake prone Japan.In the unlikely event of an emergency, we promise to guide you all to safety using our emergency hotel broadcast and this tablet device.
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 Disaster Prevention Tablet Devices Installed
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